Environment Concept Artist

Eyespop are Looking for an enthusiastic Environment Concept Artist who is interested in designing and developing breath-taking digital environments and scenes using a variation of 2D and 3D techniques. 
Working with the Creative Director, Lead Creative and CGI team you will be responsible for researching, developing and creating the artistic vision for a new and exciting design project, with the potential to join the team long term. 

Key Responsibilities;
Assist in the research of environments, scenes and worlds; set the style, mood, setting and art style to perfectly fit the brief.
Produce storyboards and sketches to present to the client 
Design, develop and create visuals from the storyboards and sketches with the assistance of the Creative Director and Lead Creative.. 
Add post-processing techniques and effects
Role requirements;
- Strong artistic ability and look development skills across natural landscapes, buildings, architectural landscapes
- Experience in design, shading, texturing, mask-painting environments
- Excellent 2D skills and knowledge of traditional techniques
- Comprehensive portfolio showing varied projects
- The ability to produce quick, rough sketches, as well as detailed, finished artworks
- Reference gathering, visual investigations and artistic development
- Good communication, planning and time management skills
- Self-motivated and a positive attitude towards learning new techniques
- An interest in Real Time technology, VR and Augmented Reality
- Traditional art skills in painting and a good understanding of composition and perspective are all an advantage
Salary based on experience and ability.
Please send CVs, weblinks or portfolio's of work to Jamie.franks@eyes-pop.com

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